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Welcome to Brian Corrigan Photography!  I have recently made the leap from the corporate world into the small business/entrepreneur world by starting up my own photography business.  For over 25 years I have worked for some great chemical companies like BFGoodrich and Honeywell.  Over the years I have slept far too many nights in hotel rooms, driven far too many miles, and have spent far too many hours on planes and in airports away from my beautiful family.  For the first time in a very long time, I AM HOME, and loving what I am doing.   

I recall a poster that I had seen back in 2011 that, at that time, really struck me as some kind of new age wisdom.  It is the Holstee Manifesto. 

I remember thinking, “Yea right, who really lives their life by this ‘code’?”  I have seen it on the Internet here and there over the past few years and each time I saw it again the words resonated with me in a little different way.  At times I felt like I was being challenged.  Traveling for business was difficult knowing that my wife, Leslie, was at home struggling to manage both our family and her Real Estate business.  I just wished I could be there to help.  I would come across the powerful words of the Manifesto again and again.  Well, there was shake-up at my last employer and the wisdom behind this manifesto seemed to be screaming at me to make a change for my family and me.  I really took to heart the first five and the last five lines of this manifesto and decided to make a change. 

I have been a photographer for many years, going way back before the days of “JMG Studios.”  Seton fans will fondly remember the JMG Studio creations.  I started doing sports photography and real estate photography and slowly built up to portraiture.  I think the moment I knew that I really loved doing photography was when I made a portrait for Leslie of our children, Jack and Mary Grace.  Our son Jack is a special child with very special needs, and his sister, Mary Grace, is her brother’s keeper in many ways.  I shot over 300 frames to get the ONE shot that captured Jack’s precious little smile, a smile that, sadly, we rarely see today.  Her reaction to seeing the portrait was unforgettable and I was just so thrilled to be able to capture that moment with his sister.  I had a big print made and it is hanging at the bottom of the stairs so we see it every time we come down the steps.  Jack’s lips on the print are smudged with lip prints from Leslie kissing them.  It was an important image to capture and I am so thrilled that we have it hanging in our home to cherish forever. 

I am in the process of fine-tuning my Mission Statement, but it’s the spirit of that portrait of our beautiful children that I think about when crafting that statement, and it is something that I want to be able to share with my clients.  I want to be able to capture those important moments so that they can be cherished for generations.

I welcome you to browse around my website, www.BrianCorriganPhotography.com, and take a look at my work.  Since Facebook didn’t “Jump the Shark” after I finally signed up for my personal Facebook page a few years ago, I have just started the Brian Corrigan Photography Facebook page and will start posting to that soon.  I will be sending out mailers soon for High School Senior portrait sessions, but if you need portraits done of your soon-to-be High School Senior, or you know of any seniors looking for portraits, I am starting to book sessions for this spring already.  Of course, I am also doing Family Portraits and corporate and theatrical headshots as well.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I can be reached at brian@briancorriganphotgraphy.com or at 330-814-3124.


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